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Tiny Tim & Not Dead Bugs

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

When Noisy gets dropped off early some mornings the house gets noisy! Which makes it a very fun day for me as my yapping is a lot less noticeable, and I get shushed a lot less times if the two-legs are occupied. Whiny also stops her constant movement, sitting down at the dining table with the young two-legs where I allow her to scratch my head. Her fingers feel so good, and the soft, soft rug making the hard bones in my bottom feel like they’re not even there. If only she didn’t have a hissy fit when I wish to relieve myself upon it! That rug is truly my Wish Island.

Right off the bat, before the three little pigs rise from their beds, Whiny drags me and Noisy out to her garden. She points out the flowers that bloomed overnight and she begins her morning ritual of plucking weeds that dared to make an appearance among God’s beautiful handiwork. Noisy and I busy ourselves following the tracks the lizards make with their tails, noting that the deepest lines must be from Jimmy and the thinner, shallower trails must be made by Janice.

Then we take sticks that I fetch, and Noisy sticks them inside the freshly dug round holes that populate the sandy floor. Every once in a while we get a warning from Whiny that maybe that might not be such a good idea. Reminding us that we assume those are lizard holes because they have lizard tail tracks leading up to them, but maybe, just maybe, ground wasps, or those huge bumble bees, might be living beneath our feet. After all, we’ve never actually seen the diggers in action.

We pretend to pay her no mind but claim in a few short minutes that we are bored. Declaring we desperately wish to go back to the house where we will nose through the Lego room until we make enough noise to awaken the three little pigs. But this morning, before Whiny freed us from the garden, Noisy found a dead bee. This started a new day of play as Whiny suggested the perfect craft for Camp of Two Wishes--the two-legs could each start a bug collection.

Now I got all excited, as I knew I would be great at finding bugs as that really was one of my special talents. Just ask Whiny! I’m always placing something with lots of legs atop her right shoe. Plus, I could already smell the array of snacks that would appear on the bar in the kitchen as the two-legs needed lots of good-girl food when they were working on crafts!

Whiny opened closets until she found a thick piece of dry, white stuff that had no taste at all, and then she opened drawers until she found a little box of sharp metal sticks with shiny white pearls on the end. She took the time to show me how they would hurt if I messed with one of them and I took the hint and sped away to find Fred, my special stuffed rabbit. I would need him by my side for protection in case one of those sharp things came tumbling down from the table while the two-legs pinned their bugs to the white boards.

In the search for bugs either dead or alive, My Girl carried with her a fly swatter, Noisy carried a light saber. Whiny, tagging along, found two things that had her screaming. Even if she hadn’t filled the air with her noise, I would have known she was frightened because her scent changes with her moods. The first thing that scared her was a dead scorpion. She stuck it with the sharp pin and the dang thing began moving! Curling his tail over his back and moving his feelers in a frantic frenzy.

Noisy yelled, “Holy Pooh, he’s alive!”

Instead of dropping the scorpion, Whiny continued to stand and scream until My Boy raced over and insisted she drop the bug into the glass jar he was holding. That dang scorpion took hours to completely die which taught all of us a huge lesson. Dead isn’t dead until its dead!

Next Whiny discovered a cricket among the thick grass and scooped it up only to find she was not holding a cricket. Inside her hand was a tiny lizard no more than two inches long. Emitting a short scream she tossed it back onto the ground. Immediately regretting letting it go, she captured him again and then let out another scream when he raced around inside her cupped hands. Another glass jar was hunted up in a hurry so Whiny would stop piercing our ears. (Maybe I should change her name to Big Noisy!)

Noisy and My Girl spent the next few hours building a two-room condo for the lizard that Noisy named Tiny Tim. Filling the floor with sand from Wish Island, the two added rocks, cactus, water hole, cardboard houses, a covered bridge between the two rooms, an Army tank or two, and lastly some dead bugs and fresh fruit. The latter added because that’s what they read that lizards eat when they’re little.

I’m proud to say that Tiny Tim is now residing happily in the house with me. I can’t really get up on the table and see what he is up to, but I can hear the sounds his little bitty feet make when he splashes in the shallow water hole at night after all the two-legs have gone to bed. His four little feet and his dragging tail also make noise when he runs across the metal sides of his condo. I’m just wondering when he will get strong enough to run up the metal sides of his enclosure and then join me on the floor. Won’t that be a fun time chasing him from room to room and then barking as I tree him in the corners! Or better yet, standing guard at the foot of Whiny's bed when he scurries up the bedspread and hides under the big pillow with rabbits stitched across the front.

What a neat surprise that will be when Whiny goes to bed! I think I’ll go get Fred and the Mad Hatter and line them up where they can also see the action when Tiny Tim makes his escape. I can already tell it’s going to be a fun day.

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2023

Is Colton Noisy? Love the lizard!

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