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Blue Buttons & Red Tomatoes
Cozy Mystery


Package delivery driver, Sylvia Denton’s habit of writing stories about memorable people

and events, has her unknowingly recording clues to an unsolved hit-and-run murder from her

childhood. While following a trail of plump red tomatoes to unravel the mystery, she discovers a

major piece of evidence. The discovery has her recognizing the thread of clues running through

ten of her stories, enabling her to name the killer and his accomplices. This knowledge has her

running for her life, and listening for phantom, circling riders stirring the air above her head.

Will she risk her family’s future by telling all?

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Belly Buttons: Lifelines From My Brother 

Fictionalized Memoir

A suffering, older brother, persuades his little sister to join him in chopping off the

genetic roots of their shared hemophilia gene. As a concession for their life-long promise to never have children, he creates seven little packets holding instructions to help them through any crisis in their future lives. He also promises that a bit of magic is tucked inside. He calls them belly buttons.

Told from Patty Cakes’ perspective as she cares for her mostly bedridden brother, her

gullibility at eleven years old is made evident in more than just their promise. From pinky shake to forward sixty years, the belly buttons come in to play, six for Patty Cakes, and one for her brother. They lead the siblings, through death, deceit, divorce, new horizons and best of all, they introduce new blood into the family by adoption. Truly, these siblings share each other’s burden until the very end.

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Daddy's Buttons


Coming in 2024 

Santa's Buttons

Collection of Christmas Stories

Coming in 2024

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